Hat Coil

Yay, I’m finally documenting my Halloween costume (which unfortunately blew up the day before halloweekend). Here is a video of hatcoil, a small DRSSTC on top of a hat. AKA, a really bad idea.

Technical details:
28V A123 battery pack
28-180 boost
4xHGTG 30N60B3D IGBT full-bridge with GDT drive
~1200 turn secondary on 1″ PVC
Innertube topload

Really, it’s just a DRSSTC. Nothing less, nothing more, nothing fancy. It was a bit tricky to make a bridge appropriately sized, and even harder to make a boost converter for it. In fact, the boost never truly worked. If I play a mid to high note for a few seconds, the boost can’t keep up and it fades away. I think this is due to saturation of my boost core, but I haven’t really taken the time to do much on this since now I’m back in the gate driver world and also have to throw together my 6.131 power electronics final project. I’ll fix hatcoil in February.

The optically linked controller is an atmega328 based board which reads MIDI files off of a microSD card for playback. Thanks to my friend Jeff Heidel for assistance in getting the midi parser working.


Logic Board:

The whole thing:

Trolling 6.131:

Winding and making shiny thing:



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  1. What school is that?

  2. it’s awesome can you tell what is the parts list and the full schematic i want to build one

    • No, if you can’t figure that out on your own then you are almost certain unqualified to have cap banks at 200V, 100kV streamers, and high powered batteries mounted to your head.

      • I did one but it wasnt a solid state tesla
        and i want to do a small one like yours (of course not on the top of my head)

  3. So that is how to stir fry brain.. always wanted to know..

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