I’m Blogging!

I haven’t blogged in 14 months! This is not acceptable! I’m sorry Charles!

Let’s see what I’ve been doing in the last 14 months…

I continued making better and better electrostatic headphones

The art of stretching 1 micron and 2 micron mylar film for electrostatic membranes:


MITERS got new drill bits and end mills:


I finished my DIY SR-007 headphone clones, version 1


Went home for January and climbed a bunch of mountains



Came back to Cambridge, and built my Mini-electrostats… they didn’t sound very good, I dismantled them and deemed it a poor design


Then there was a huge snow storm (just barely not a blizzard, technically) in Boston where we got 3 feet of snow

With only a week left in the calendar winter to check it off the list, rented a car and did a midnight solo of Mt. Washington


I finished my SR-007 clone DIY headphones, version 2


Then I went back to Washington and worked at Boeing for the summer designing pulsed power electronics stuff in the physics applications lab. On the weekends, I climbed lots of awesome peaks. Now have 3/5 of Washington’s volcanoes checked off the list (Baker, Adams, and Glacier Peak [the best peak in Washington])




And had a mountain goat wander by while I had my camera out

Came back to cambridge, and MITERS GOT A CNC MILL!!!!

… so I used it to make DIY Sennheiser Orpheus clones, which sound spectacular. They are still a work in progress


Learned how to analog in 6.301


Experienced 100+MPH wind and -40F windchill in a fruitless solo endeavor on Franconia Ridge


Brought my DIY headphones and Blue Hawaii to New York for a head-fi meet


Ok I’m going to stop procrastinating and get back to studying. Only another week of classes and then finals!


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