Tube Vinyl Preamp

Project Specs:

  • Months of work: February 2009
  • Approximate Build Time: 2 Weeks
  • Max Voltage: 150V
  • Max Stored Energy: 35J

After getting a nice record player (Technics 1200), I wanted to build a tube phono stage amplifier for it to achieve the best quality output, since I like tube sound usually, if the amp isn’t awful. I found this schematic online and built it. This required designing a power supply and CCS modules (using IXYS 10M45 chips) to regulate the B+ plate current.

Schematic (Thanks to dsavitsk from head-fi for the circuit)

Wiring (A little messy, but functional)

Completed Amplifier

It works! (input, output)

  1. Your “Ground Bus’s” look nice. I like the “cathode follower” output, and the “constant current” use in the circuit. That “constant current” can also be used for CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) as used in “Medical Electronics”, as in electroencephalogram (EEG) rejecting electrocardiogram (EKG) signal (about 1000:1 ratio) and line voltage. Carl

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