50kV High Voltage Power Supply

Project Specs:

  • Months of work: May 2010
  • Approximate Build Time: A couple weeks, plus a couple months of tweaking and design
  • Max Voltage: 60,000
  • Max Stored Energy: 200J
The hardest part of the fusor for me was getting 50kV at 10mA. I spent about 8 months spending all my time on high voltage supplies, and came up with this series resonant design during the end of that time period. I had no experience in power electronics so this was quite a challenge. This was also the beginning of my ongoing obsession with everything high voltage.
The design was primarily taken from Steve Ward’s website (his high voltage capacitor charger) since I didn’t know enough to design my own at the time, with a few over-current protection additions I put in.

Drive electronics and the depressing H-Bridge.

50% duty cycle driving of a series resonant inductive load. Perfect soft switching at around 30khz.

An upgraded dual-ferrite transformer to feed a 5-stage multiplier.

3 stages of the 5 stage multiplire.

  1. Nice work.
    Another kind of HV capacitor can be made from printed circuit boards.
    It can make a fast rising HV square wave.
    I learned Black PVC conducts at HV’s, I suspect white does also.
    You are doing very well.

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