3D Laser Scanner

Project Specs:

  • Months of work: January 2009
  • Approximate Build Time: 2 Days
  • Max Voltage: 2V
  • Max Stored Energy: 0J

My friend showed me an experimental piece of software that can take a camera input and user a horizontal laser to take a 3D scan of an object. Although my setup was somewhat insufficient for a high quality scan, the idea can be seen by this setup. A higher quality camera, laser, and backdrop could easily make quite usable laser scans.

The distortions on the perfect horizontal nature of a laser line is detected and analyzed by the computer and that is then used to extrapolate a 3D picture of the object being scanned. Several angles can be taken, and then the 3D meshes can be combined into a single object if more than one face is desired.

Scanning Setup

Scanning Process

3D Scanner Mesh


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