With summer comes another few weeks at home to spend time in the mountains (and in the snow since it was a pretty heavy winter for snow so lots still around).

All trips were solo, just the way I like it!

First up, Mt. Daniel (7/21/2012):

A failed summit but an awesome trip. Was feeling sick 1000ft below the summit, so I turned around. Still a great place, definitely will return sometime and probably make it a two-day climb.

Next, a quick run to Kendall Katwalk (7/24/2012):

Quite a bit of snow left for so late in the season. A number of very steep snow crossings before getting to the Katwalk, although there were good boot paths through everything. After the Katwalk, almost all snow covered.

Last, Mt. Adams before heading home to Boston (7/29/2012):

Did this one as a 2-day trip, and made it to the summit. Of course, the one thing I somehow forgot to bring was my camera since it was on the charger overnight. Oh well, iPhone will do!


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  1. Congrats on making it up Adams! I hope you found my home state enjoyable! It’s awesome to see you kicking ass both with electronics and with mountaineering, two of my favorite hobbies. If you come back to Seattle, hit me up for a climb or something

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