Adding Better Diodes

I’m currently bypassing the slow reverse recovery diodes in the IGBT bricks with much faster minibrick diodes.

I am adding a diode to the IGBT path to turn it into a switch that blocks both directions, and conducts in one direction when on, then adding a fast diode across that assembly.

The blocking diode doesn’t need to have a voltage standoff rating of the full bridge, because it is in series with the IGBT brick which can stand off the full voltage. Ideally I would use the highest current and fastest diode available, with no regard to standoff voltage. Since a friend had some laying around, I used some DSEI2x101 minibricks for this.

For the bypass diode, full voltage standoff is required. For this position, I’m using ST 12012TV1 diodes.

I’m a bit concerned about passing all this current through these diodes, but it is well within the pulse and I^2S rating of the components so hopefully it will be fine. All the minibricks will be heatsinked to busplates.

Some shiny pictures of the modifications in progress:


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  1. Hello,

    Please, can you tell me how you determine the “best” tension for your Mylar films on your ESL headphones ?
    Thank you for any help,
    Best Regards.

    • Trial and error… too low and it goes unstable and sticks to a stator. Too much and you lose bass.

      • Yes I know this usual answer but obviously this isn’t satisfactory !
        I think that a procedure can be derived to define more scientifically this value…
        Anyway, please let me know if you finally derive something in this spirit…

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